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Alfatron ALF 60W-UB

Alfatron ALF 120W-UB

Alfatron PA2B

Alfatron PA100V

Alfatron PA100W

 Audio Convertors

Alfatron ALF-CVDAC

Cabinet Speakers

Alfatron ALF-41W/B

Alfatron ALF-51W/B

Ceiling Speakers

Alfatron ALFC-606

Alfatron ALFC-406

Alfatron ALFC-457

Alfatron ALFC-657

Alfatron ALFC-613W

Alfatron ALFC-613B

Alfatron ALFC-603W

Alfatron ALFC-603B

Alfatron ALFC-603B

Alfatron ALFC-513W

Audio Convertors

Alfatron ALF-CVDAC

Audio De-Embedders

Alfatron ALFC-CHKA2

Scaler Switchers

Alfatron SC61E 

Alfatron SC51TS

Alfatron SCU91T-N

Alfatron SC121D-TN

Switching Equipment

Alfatron WUK3A

Alfatron WUK4A

Alfatron TPHD405PT

Distribution Amplifiers

Alfatron SUK2

Alfatron SUK4

Alfatron SUH4T

Alfatron TPHD403P



Alfatron EXT60Ir

Alfatron TPUHD70 TX/RX

Alfatron TPBHD 70 RX

Alfatron TPUK70RS

Alfatron TPUH70-T


Matrix Switchers

Alfatron MUH44A-RS

Alfatron MUK44A-N

Alfatron MUK88A-N

Alfatron MUH44E

Alfatron MUH88E

Alfatron MUH44TP-N

Alfatron MUH88TP-N

Alfatron SM62T


Modular Matrix Switchers

Alfatron MMX1616-N

  • Manual
  • Brochure

Alfatron MMX3232-N

  • Manual
  • Brochure

Alfatron MMX6464-N

  • Manual
  • Brochure

Alfatron MMX88A-N

  • Manual
  • Brochure

Alfatron MMX144144-N

  • Manual
  • Brochure

Alfatron FMX12

  • Manual
  • Brochure


Interactive LED Screens

Alfatron ALF 65LEDT

Alfatron ALF 75LEDT

Alfatron ALF 86LEDT



Alfatron CAM100

Alfatron CMW101

Alfatron CMW102

Alfatron 5X-CAM

Alfatron 10X-CAM

Alfatron 10XU2-CAM

Conference Videobar

Alfatron SBUS2C

Boosters and HDCP

Alfatron ALF-B20K

Alfatron ALF-CV2.0 K 1.4

Control Interface

Alfatron WP8

AV Interfaces

Alfatron ALF-TSC6

Alfatron ALF-TSM1

Alfatron ALF-TSM4